Welcome to my site! I am the Chief Technology Officer of Lagentia, an advertising agency with expertise in PPC and Shopping Engine Management. I am also the Chief Data Scientist for PerfectLeads, a sales prospecting tool that lets you target companies in any industry that use any kind of technology. Lastly, I'm a Cofounder of Roizen Tech, and manage and lead the development of numerous websites and apps. Here are a few of them!
A sales prospecting tool that uses artificial intelligence
Find the best parking spots for any venue
Get alerts when classes open up or anything on the internet changes
Find out your chances of getting into college and more!
Play piano and drums with others in this real-time multiplayer game
Restaurant recommendations using artificial intelligence!
GuideParadise SAT book
Learn how to improve your SAT score
Free public domain sheet music. Has an iPhone/iPad app!
Search engine for music, TV, movie, and book files.