Movies and TV shows filmed at UCLA

Right next to Hollywood, UCLA is known for being the perfect filming location for any University scenes. Most movies pretending to be at Princeton, Harvard, or Yale are actually filmed at UCLA! Here are the top 10 movies and TV shows filmed at UCLA!

UCLA powell library


Jobs (2013) – movie about Steve Jobs that stars Ashton Kutcher. Even though the college where Jobs dropped out of was supposed to be Reed College, the Jobs movie was filmed at UCLA in front of Royce and Powell library!


Angels & Demons (2009) – Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon solves a Vatican mystery

The House Bunny (2008) – A playboy bunny (Anna Faris) joins a sorority at UCLA


Californication (TV series) – Hank Moody teaches at UCLA!

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) – Elle Woods is back in pink to ban animal testing.

Old School (2003) – A few friends (with Will Ferrell!) start up a fraternity near their college.


Legally Blonde (2001) – Elle Woods goes to Harvard (actually filmed at UCLA!) to become a lawyer


Erin Brockovich (2000) – A mother takes on a water company that pollutes the water supply and kills people.

House M.D. (TV series) – Outdoor scenes usually filmed at UCLA!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) – also filmed at UCLA

The Nutty Professor (1996) – filmed at UCLA!


Any other good movies that were filmed at UCLA? Leave them in the comments!

By Brian Roizen

Are Sonicare Generic Toothbrush Heads comparable to Philips toothbrush heads?

Anyone who has a Sonicare knows that toothbrush heads aren’t cheap. I used to pay $9/brush before I found that you can get them for about $6-8 on Amazon.

I have a Sonicare ProResults toothbrush, and I recently test drove the generic toothbrush heads. Considering they cost only $2 each, that’s more than 3 times cheaper than the ones made by Philips!

The ones I tried are made by Paz Generix:

I was tempted to get them because of how cheap they are, but I wasn’t very happy with the results. They aren’t made well. The bristles fall out after just a few times brushing, and the brush head itself doesn’t fit well. This essentially means that the vibrational brushing power is far weaker than the non-generic tooth sonicare tooth brush head. Paz tried to copy the toothbrush head with their generic one, but they did a very poor job, and I’m very disappointed. I don’t recommend it at all. I guess I’m going to be sticking with the official Philips Sonicare toothbrush heads until some company makes a perfect replica.

How to get sonicare toothbrush heads for cheap

Costco occasionally has discounts for sonicare toothbrush heads with 6 brush heads for $30. Also, I once bought a 7 pack off Amazon for $40. The price is currently $60, but it fluctuates often. You can use Alertification to get an email or text as soon as the price drops!


By Brian Roizen

Solar Thermal rockets instead of chemical rockets

I recently read about an idea to power rockets with solar energy, also known as “solar sails”. It made me wonder how practical this idea was given that solar thermal energy plants are in the experimental phase in Las Vegas. They basically use thousands of parabolic mirrors to focus sunlight on a central tower, which then runs a rankine power cycle.

Keplar originally proposed the idea of solar sails to navigate the solar system. In this idea, light from the sun basically propells a object without any need for external power. The math is somewhat theoretical, and with little practical data, but the sun can produce about 1.4 kW of power at a distance of 93 million miles away.

Google artificially removing SunSpider Javascript Test from search results

Ever wanted to test how fast your browser can do JavaScript? The de facto test is the SunSpider test, sponsored by WebKit. Looks like Google is no longer a fan, having manipulated their search results by removing it completely from their index. Try for yourself, or look at the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.49.14 PM

While seemingly random, perhaps the reason SunSpider fell out of Google’s favor is because they recently decided to fork WebKit with Blink, set to debut in Chrome 28. The problem isn’t just limited to searching for “sunspider”, as it also includes “sunspider javascript test”, and “sunspider benchmark”, as none of the results contain the actual link to the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.
Interestingly, Bing isn’t censoring the SunSpider JavaScript speed test:
Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.53.02 PM


Perhaps it’s because Internet Explorer actually surpasses Chrome in the sunspider benchmark because it makes use of hardware acceleration. How embarrassing for the company that says “Do no evil”.


By Brian Roizen

iOS 7 SunSpider Benchmarks

I just ran a Sunspider benchmark for an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 and the results are below for both Safari and Chrome.

photo 2 photo 1


As you can see, Safari on iOS 7 is about 5X faster than chrome for javascript, but this is mostly due to the fact that Apple cripples Chrome by forcing it to use a webview.

By Brian Roizen

iOS 7 beta screenshots

Everything looks new and fresh in the iOS 7 beta. Here are some screenshots to show how the new UI and design looks!

Starting with the homescreen, the signal bars are replaced with circles. Also apparent is the more modern looking font and flat icons.Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you have quick settings (something I had on my jailbroken iPhone 3GS in 2010) Finally!

shared_controlcenter_lastframe_2xThe messages app for iOS 7 looks beautiful and modern with a fluid like interface for scrolling.


The weather app is just like Yahoo’s weather app for iOS, but with different backgrounds. This isn’t a bad thing as yahoo’s app is one of the best weather apps.index_weather_posterframe_2x

The new iOS 7 mail app looks great! Will it beat gmail?index_mail_posterframe_2x

Siri looks more useful than ever in iOS 7index_siri_posterframe_2x index_camera_posterframe_2x index_photos_posterframe_2x index_itunesradio_posterframe_2x

The new multitasking pane shows all the apps you have open, and to close apps you can simply swipe up. This is a beautiful UI gem taken straight from Palm’s WebOS and more recently used by Chrome for iOS.

shared_multitasking_posterframe_2x shared_notificationcenter_lastframe_2x

Want to install iOS 7 on your iPhone 5 or 4S? Read this quick guide.


By <a href=””>Brian Roizen</a>

How to install the iOS 7 beta on your iPhone 5

Want the latest and greatest iOS that won’t make it into the hands of the masses for a few more months? You’ve come to the right place! First, you must be a member of the iOS developer program ($99/year) to download the beta SDK.

1. First download the iOS 7 beta (make sure you get the right version for your phone depending on if you have ATT or Verizon)

2. Make sure you backup your iPhone files by going to iTunes (just click Backup now)



3. After downloading the ios_7_beta__iphone_5_model_a1428__11a4372q.dmg file, double click on it and extract the .ipsw file to your desktop


4. In iTunes, hold down the option and click on “Restore iPhone…”




5. iTunes will now take care of the rest of the iOS beta installation process! The last thing you should do is click “Restore from this backup” when prompted to keep all your old apps




If you get the error “This device is not registered as part of the iphone developer program”, don’t fret, you just have to go to the iOS provisioning portal and add your UDID.

By Brian Roizen

Best minimalist wallet case combo for iPhone 5

I had the idea to make a phone case that also functioned as a wallet. Turns out this product already exists in the Incipio Stowaway. For only $15-$18 (depending on the color), you can get an elegant phone case that looks just like a normal case, but also has room for 3 credit cards AND a bill. This essentially means you no longer have to carry around a wallet! I highly recommend the Incipio Stowaway.


See a video of how easy it is to use the Stowaway:


By Brian Roizen

Cutest 404 page ever!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.44.05 PM

I wrote an easy to use API for displaying cute animal pictures on any webpage.The API uses my website, and chooses a random picture from amongst tens of thousands of adorable animal pictures.

To use this free API, just request, and a JSON string will be returned containing the image URL and caption.

This is an example:

{“url”:”http:\/\/\/ElNcPxF.jpg”,”caption”:”My parents got a new dog. We named it Bruce.”}

You can use the following code to parse the JSON and display the resulting HTML:

[code lang=’php]
$jsonString = file_get_contents(“”);
$jsonArray = json_decode($jsonString, true);
$imageUrl = $jsonArray[‘url’];
$caption = $jsonArray[‘caption’];
echo “<br>While we work to fix it, we hope you enjoy this cute animal picture!<br>
Courtesy of <a href=’’></a><br>
<img style=’max-height: 700px; max-width: 700px;’ src=’$imageUrl’><br>$caption”;[/code]