How to create an AWIN feed

AWIN (formerly Affiliate Window or Zanox), is one of the largest worldwide affiliate networks.

Creating an AWIN feed is relatively simple, with a few differences from normal affiliate feeds.

You want to make sure your category taxonomy is as detailed as possible so they can advertise your products on the most accurate publishers.

If you sell clothing, you can also include more attributes for AWIN than in other verticals, like size, pattern, and material.

How to create a CJ Affiliate Feed

CJ Affiliate (now owned by Conversant) is one of the largest affiliate channels. It can be a great way to supplement sales on publisher websites like blogs relevant to your vertical.

Creating a feed for CJ Affiliate is no simple matter as it’s different than most other feed based channels out there, and their documention/feed specs is over 30 pages!

Feedonomics can easily optimize your feed and create a CJ Affiliate feed, so you don’t have to manually create one.


How to create a Houzz Feed

Houzz is one of the best marketplaces to sell home improvement, decor, and remodeling products.

You can either add your products one by one, which takes forever, or Feedonomics can automate creating a Houzz feed for you.

That means you don’t have to manually add hundreds or thousands of products one by one, you can automatically add new products to Houzz through an FTP after Feedonomics automates that manual task.

Red Robin Dairy-Free or Lactose-free options

Red Robin is a popular chain known for its tasty burgers, but for people who can’t eat dairy or lactose, there are still some options available.

ApprovedEats lists many different dairy-free or lactose-free options at Red Robin. Be sure to check for updated menu Red Robin items.

It seems like quite a few of the Red Robin burgers (so long as you don’t get cheese) will be dairy-free, like:

Reds Burger (NO cheese)

Reds Chicken Burger (NO cheese)

Reds Turkey Burger (NO cheese)

Reds Vegan Burger (NO cheese)

What’s awesome is you will also see the items that require a modification from the menu, just be sure to tell your Red Robin server.

How to Create Dynamic Google text Ads with Ad Customizers

If you’ve tried using the Google Adwords APIs to create ad customizer feeds, you’ll know how big of a pain it is.

Fortunately Feedonomics has figured out how to create dynamic text ads with ad customizers, so you can easily create dynamic and inventory aware ads for all your products.

One of the biggest advantages is you can create individual ads for each product, and also pause when that product goes out of stock, and activate when that product is in stock again.

Walmart Marketplace Feed Management

If you’re dealing with the headache of getting products listed on Walmart through their bulk category Excel templates, Feedonomics has a simpler and more elegant solution to Walmart feed management.

Getting whitelisted to sell on Walmart is probably the simplest step, but the most difficult is dealing with Walmart’s Seller errors that disallow you from listing your products.


List of startups in the San Fernando Valley (SFV)

The San Fernando Valley has some awesome tech startups and companies in hotbeds like Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks.
Here are some of the coolest companies to work for in the tech space.

1. Feedonomics

feedonomics facebook screenshot

Feedonomics is one of the fastest growing companies not just in the San Fernando Valley, but in the entire US. Started in 2012 by a team of just a few cofounders, it now has over 40 employees working out of Woodland Hills.

Feedonomics handles optimizing product feeds for some of the largest advertising agencies, brands, and retailers in the world.

2. ReachLocal

ReachLocal, headquarted in Woodland Hills provides online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. They now have over 10k employees, and were recently acquired by Gannet Co Inc on June 27th, 2016.

3. Triton Digital

Triton Digital is a leading technology provider for the digital audio advertising industry. They are headquarted in Sherman Oaks, and now have 190 employees.  The company’s innovative technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue globally.

How to get TSA Precheck added to your flight if it doesn’t show up

Here’s the scenario: You paid for 5 years of TSA precheck, but for some reason your boarding pass doesn’t list it!

Luckily, you’re not out of options. Turns out you can send a direct message to the TSA on Twitter: to get help very quickly during business hours.

I got multiple responses back within 30 minutes each time.

Dear TSA,
I didn’t get TSA Precheck on my flight tomorrow with American Airlines – XXXXX.
Can you please check why?
4h 2 hours ago

We’d love to help, Brian. Please send us your full name, KTN and confirmation number so we can look into this for you. Thanks! – Ross
4h 2 hours ago
Known Traveler Number (KTN):XXXXXXX
Record Locator: XXXXXX

Thanks Ross!

No worries, Brian. We’ll do some research on your behalf and let you know as soon as we have an update. – Ross
2h 18 seconds ago

Hi, Brian. Thanks for being patient while we looked into this for you. Our research indicates that your date of birth was 10 years off in your American Airlines profile. We worked with our friends at American Airlines on your behalf to get it fixed in your reservation for tomorrows flight. You can now reprint your boarding pass or refresh your mobile app to see the TSA Pre✓® indicator. American Airline has let us know they are currently working on getting it permanently fixed in your American Airlines profile. Let us know if we can be of further assistance. – Ross
54m 13 minutes ago
Thanks so much! Do you know if it is fixed on the return flight too?

Hi Brian. American Air fixed it and it should apply to all flights in this record locator. If the TSA Pre✓® does not appear when you check in for your return flight, please reach out to us again. We’ll take another look at it. – Kim

Which Cheesecake Factory Cakes have Gelatin (Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan cakes)

I couldn’t find any recent blog posts about which Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes and cakes have gelatin, so I reached out directly to Cheesecake Factory to learn more.

Update: Here is the list of the most up to date Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes that contain gelatin for Kosher, Halal, and Vegetarian readers. 

Here is the response I received (which should help you determine which cheesecakes are “kosher” (don’t have animal gelatin):

Although our menu items, and desserts, are not certified Kosher, not all of our cheesecakes contain gelatin. A small number of them do contain Halal beef gelatin. As with most high end pastries and desserts, when needed, we use gelatin over a host of gums and artificial additives.

Below I have included a list of our cheesecakes varieties that DO NOT contain animal gelatin for your convenience. Following that, I have provided the cakes that do contain Halal beef gelatin. They are all delicious, and I hope you will find a flavor to enjoy!

Cheesecakes that DO NOT contain animal gelatin:
Original Cheesecake
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake
Original with Cherry Topping
Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake
Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake
Toasted Marshmallow S’Mores Galore Cheesecake
Lemon Meringue Cheesecake
Salted Caramel Cheesecake
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake
Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake
30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake
Chris’ Outrageous Cheesecake
Tiramisu Cheesecake
Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake
Adams Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake
Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake
Low Carb Cheesecake
Low Carb Cheesecake with Strawberries
White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake
Snickers Bar Chunks and Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake
Craig’s Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake
Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake
Pumpkin & Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecakes (seasonal)
Linda’s Fudge Cake
Black Out Cake
Carrot Cake
Warm Apple Crisp
Lemoncello Cream Torte
Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake
Fresh Strawberry Shortcake


Cheesecakes that DO contain Halal Beef Gelatin
Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake
Key Lime Cheesecake
Mango Key Lime Cheesecake
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
Peppermint Bark Cheesecake (seasonal)