About Brian Roizen

Brian was born in Los Angeles in 1988. His father Igor is a famous computer scientist who co-authored artificial intelligence algorithms with the 2012 Turing Award receipient Judea Pearl. Largely self-taught in programming, Brian began making websites for clients, many of which did not know he was only 14 years old. Later that summer he also completed an internship at Shopzilla, the precursor to Google Shopping. He graduated from Brentwood High School with honors in Math, Science, Economics, and Music.

Brian went on to UCLA for his undergraduate studies where he studied Mechanical Engineering to pursue his love of robots and cars. He cofounded Tutorfox in 2006, where he managed a team of 10+ UCLA students. He took the role of team leader in his senior engineering project with the complete design of an autonomous tank with guidance, navigation, control, weapons, and defense systems. A devoted philanthropist, Brian also held a leadership position in Operation Smile, an organization dedicated to helping children with cleft lip and palate. Brian graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA in 2010 with multiple merit-based engineering scholarships and Dean's list standing for 4 years.

Despite applying to graduate school 3 months after the deadline, he was admitted to the UCLA PhD program in Mechanical Engineering with a NSF fellowship. Brian was awarded a Master's degree in 2011. Brian is a voracious reader who is as well versed in classical literature as he is in the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

While in high school, Brian cofounded Roizen Tech with his brother. Roizen Tech spans over 50 website and app properties reaching over 5 million users every month.

Brian's most recent venture is Feedonomics (acquired by BigCommerce), which solves the problem of optimizing product feeds at scale for online brands and retailers. Feedonomics grew its team to over 300 team members in just 6 years, all without taking any outside capital.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys spending time with family and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs.