Easily Export WooCommerce feed to Google Shopping and Amazon

After trying to export my WooCommerce shopping feed to Google Shopping, I had numerous problems with the extensions currently out there.

I’m not sure they work with older versions of wordpress (like 3.5), or if it was because I had over 30k products in the feed, which is why I had all the errors. I also couldn’t get product variations to work properly, and had to manually edit the feed at first which takes a really long time because of all the products!

But after trying the fixes incorporated in the Feedonomics WooCommerce API showing how to export WooCommerce article, everything seemed to be working fine.

Solutions to exporting large Magento Product Feed for Google Shopping

Last week I had a few problems when I was trying to export my Magento Product feed with 10k products for Google Shopping. The script kept timing out and giving me Fatal error: Maximum execution time of x seconds exceeded warnings. I tried changing the php.ini parameters like max_execution_time, but no luck.

Once I switched to the Feedonomics API, exporting a Magento feed with thousands of products for Google Shopping was easy, because it took care of implementing the database logic in a scalable, and it worked flawlessly. Better yet, the Magento export took only about 40 seconds.