Cardpool Slow Email Delivery Times


I recently bought 2 gift cards from to make a purchase from for a friend’s wedding registry.

Cardpool has two delivery options, Email and Physical.

From their website it says:
Email Cards
Email gift cards are delivered via email. While it will typically only take ten minutes for you to receive your eGift card, it can take up to 1 business day if further verification is needed.

Physical Gift Cards
All physical gift cards are sent via FREE USPS First Class Mail and should arrive in 3-7 business days. During peak holiday periods and USPS holidays, delivery may take a little longer.

Because 3-7 business days is far too long, I opted for Email, because I wanted to purchase my item on WestElm immediately as it was for a wedding registry.

Here is the sequence of events:
Sept 11, 2017 8:29pm – Ordered gift card #1

Sept 11, 2017 9:23pm – Ordered gift card #2

Because I ordered via email, I was really hoping it would take only 10 minutes, but nope, I didn’t even get the gift card codes delivered the same day.

Sept 12, 2017 – 8:06AM – Card #2 is delivered

Sept 12, 2017 – 9:41AM – I emailed asking how much longer it would take to get my card #1.

Sept 12, 2017 -2:19PM – Card #1 is delivered

Sept 14, 2017  – 2:42 PM – I finally get a response from support saying:

Thank you for contacting! We do apologize for the long wait to receive a response and appreciate your patience regarding this matter. We are experiencing a high number of emails and we only answer them in the order we receive them.

Our processing center typically completes all electronic gift card orders within one business day of the purchase. The orders are very often shipped within a few hours, however there is some processing time involved as we verify the value of every gift card before it is sent. In some cases we may ask for additional verification and your order will remain pending until we receive the necessary documentation requested.


Not only did getting a response take over 2 days, but the information listed on their website implies it’s usually 10 minutes, not a few hours. 

Luckily nobody bought the registry item by the time I received both gift cards.

I’ve been a CardPool user for over 2.5 years, and this is a very upsetting experience, and makes me wonder if the few bucks I saved was worth the hassle.




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