Movies and TV shows filmed at UCLA

Right next to Hollywood, UCLA is known for being the perfect filming location for any University scenes. Most movies pretending to be at Princeton, Harvard, or Yale are actually filmed at UCLA! Here are the top 10 movies and TV shows filmed at UCLA!

UCLA powell library


Jobs (2013) – movie about Steve Jobs that stars Ashton Kutcher. Even though the college where Jobs dropped out of was supposed to be Reed College, the Jobs movie was filmed at UCLA in front of Royce and Powell library!


Angels & Demons¬†(2009) – Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon solves a Vatican mystery

The House Bunny (2008) – A playboy bunny (Anna Faris) joins a sorority at UCLA


Californication (TV series) – Hank Moody teaches at UCLA!

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) – Elle Woods is back in pink to ban animal testing.

Old School (2003) – A few friends (with Will Ferrell!) start up a fraternity near their college.


Legally Blonde (2001) – Elle Woods goes to Harvard (actually filmed at UCLA!) to become a lawyer


Erin Brockovich (2000) – A mother takes on a water company that pollutes the water supply and kills people.

House M.D. (TV series) – Outdoor scenes usually filmed at UCLA!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) – also filmed at UCLA

The Nutty Professor (1996) – filmed at UCLA!


Any other good movies that were filmed at UCLA? Leave them in the comments!

By Brian Roizen

22 Replies to “Movies and TV shows filmed at UCLA”

      1. The famous TV shows “Heroes”, in the last season, the character Claire was supposed to be attending some Arlington University, but it was UCLA.

        Also How I met your mother, Ted was teaching at some university. IDK what the university it is in the show, but it was filmed infront of Royce Hall.

  1. I know it’s not a big movie or TV show, but I’m pretty sure a Jack in the Box commercial was filmed at UCLA as well

  2. GOTCHA! was filmed all over the campus. Funny how a chase scene from north campus suddenly is in south campus. Also includes the residential areas, Gayley Terrace.

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