Google Express Feed Specifications

Google Express is an interesting marketplace where you sell your products on Google. The conversion rates and CTRs are significantly better, especially on Mobile, and it’s very compelling to sell there.

The feeds are not so simple though, because the Google Express feeds require multiple steps with a product feed, local inventory product feed, and order and tracking feeds sent via the Google Content Shopping APIs.

The latter Google Express feed API involve Acknowledging the Order, Submitting tracking, and updating shipping through the APIs.

If you can get on Google Express, it’s well worth the effort as you can now be found on a great channel through web and mobile apps.

Jet Feed Specifications

Jet is a marketplace owned by Walmart, but run separately from them. It’s a great place for price comparison and for bulk buying.

Selling on Jet is done through listing products APIs rather than through feeds, and by adhering to the Jet Feed Specifications.

It’s a great marketplace to try selling assuming you can get your products to conform to the Jet feed specs.

FireFox 57 Jetstream BrowserBench Benchmarks

The new FireFox 57 has been announced, and I just got the latest copy and while it feels significantly faster, I decided to run the latest Browser Bench Benchmark against JavaScript performance.

The results are significantly worse than Chrome and Edge. This might just show how contrived the Jetstream benchmark actually is.