How to Export your Ubercart Product Feed to Google Shopping

If you’re using Drupal, Ubercart is the best eCommerce platform to use. Unfortunately it lacks certain marketing modules like Google Shopping and product feeds natively.

That’s where Feedonomics comes in! Using Feedonomics, you can easily export your products and optimize them before sending them out to Google Shopping. That means you can clean up HTML in descriptions, clean up whitespace in ubercart, and of course do google shopping categories without having to directly feed from Ubercart to Google Shopping.

Feedonomics is really the best solution for exporting your UberCart product feed to Google Shopping.

How to Export Your AbleCommerce Feed to Google Shopping

AbleCommerce is a great eCommerce Platform, but it natively doesn’t allow for feeding to Google Shopping. You can of course manually create a feed of your products in a spreadsheet, but this won’t be a great dynamic solution as you add or update new products in AbleCommerce.

With Feedonomics, you can dynamically send an optimized product feed from AbleCommerce to Google Shopping.

You can also do very interesting scheduling where you can update your feed hourly to deal with Google Shopping disapprovals.

How to Export X Cart Feed to Google Shopping

X Cart is an awesome eCommerce platform based on PHP, but unfortunately there’s no great way to export a product feed to Google Shopping.

If you’re looking for variant information and a dynamic X Cart Product feed for Google Shopping, your’e out of luck with the plugins and native features available in X Cart.

If you truly want a reliable X Cart solution, try Feedonomics, which can dynamically export your X Cart feed to Google Shopping. You can also do title and description optimization by including the brands and variant attributes like color and size.




How to Export Your AspDotNetStorefront Feed to Google Shopping

If you’re tired of clunky solutions for AspDotNetStorefront that don’t let you actually optimize your product feed before you send it out to Google Shopping, it’s time to find a better solution.

Feeding directly from AspDotNetStorefront to Google Shopping will not enable you to succeed because competing today in a a crowded Google Shopping involves performing powerful optimization, like including brand, colors and sizes in titles. It also involves using custom labels (that you can’t at all with feeding platforms like Dotfeed) that are based on ROAS and CPA, so you can modulate bids with differing performance.

If you truly want a dynamic way of exporting your AspDotNetStorefront feed to Google Shopping, try Feedonomics, which can you get the best performance possible with an AspDotNetStorefront product feed.

How to Export VirtueMart Feed to Google Shopping

Exporting a Virtuemart feed using Joomla isn’t easy, especially when you see tons of plugins that haven’t been updated in years.

If you want to create custom labels based off performance you’re basically at a standstill as there’s no way to do that with any kind of Virtuemart module or plugin.

One solution is to use a platform like Feedonomics to feed your VirtueMart products to Google Shopping with best in-class optimization.

How to Export Your PrestaShop Feed to Google Shopping

There a few modules that let you export your PrestaShop feed directly to Google Shopping, but that’s only once a day! What if your products change price and availability more often than once per day? You’ll end up with many Google Shopping disapprovals.

Also, you can’t get granular in your categories, google shopping categories, and custom labels by directly feeding from PrestaShop to Google Shopping.

With Feedonomics, you can first export your PrestaShop products to Feedonomics, and then export to Google Shopping. That way you can feed multiple times per day and with performance helping optimizations.

How to Export Salesforce Commerce Cloud Feed to Google Shopping

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) is definitely not a cheap platform, and the fact that it doesn’t have basic marketing modules available means you will have to hire your agency or a developer which could cost thousands of dollars and take months.

Another alternative is to use Feedonomics, which can easily export your Salesforce Commerce Cloud feed to Google Shopping, and even do really nice optimizations in between!