Product Feeds

While most people try to concentrate on the bidding side of Google Shopping and other channels to get better performance, most eCommerce stores neglect the product feed optimization side of things. Having well thought out and formatted product feeds is an essential element to driving sales for products on an eCommerce store.

What are product feeds? Product Feeds are the attributes that represent a product data set, like the product title, description, price, sale price, color, size, and more. Together, these attributes make up the product feed and are also used to give that data to a consumer shopping engine, affiliate, or marketplace, including the likes of Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, and more.

How to A/B Test Google Shopping

If you’re trying to A/B test Google Shopping, it’s definitely not made easy like it is on Adwords text ads.

But turns out if you use a powerful feed system like Feedonomics, you can easily A/B test on Google Shopping.

It involves making use of rules and custom labels in a way that lets you test different titles on Google Shopping.

Alternatives to CommerceHub

If you’re looking for an alternative to Commerce Hub that is less expensive and can also drive better performance, read on!

In 2015, CommerceHub acquired Mercent, which offered essentially the same service on a rev-share model. This can be incredibly expensive and disruptive, depending on your revenues.

Especially if you’re only doing channels like Amazon and Google Shopping, why pay a percentage of revenue?

If you’d like to use software that wasn’t originally created in the early 2000s, try this product feed management platform. Feedonomics allows you to get better performance from powerful and flexible feed optimization.

Alternatives to SingleFeed

You may be wondering why you’ve noticed Single Feed’s increasingly slow customer support times, and the lack of system upgrades in the last 3 years. The answer is due to the fact they SingleFeed has been acquired by the Chinese company Alibaba, and is simply focusing on other things.

If you want an alternative to SingleFeed, try Feedonomics for product feeds, where an amazing customer service (usually same day responses) is coupled with insanely powerful product feed technology.