S Corp 1120s Tax Preparation Costs

I recently had my s corp taxes done by a Los Angeles accounting firm and was shocked when I got the bill of $3,000.

I was expecting something closer to $850, which is what I was previously billed by another firm. What was especially concerning was this was a very simple s corp 1120s return, which should have taken very little time.

After some googling, I found the average cost in LA of getting your s corp taxes filed is $764. That is 4 times lower than what my firm charged. After contacting them I was able to get a discount for my s corp taxes to something far more realistic.

Best FeedSpark Alternatives and Competitors

FeedSpark is a UK based managed service feed company that focuses mostly on Google Shopping. They lack marketplace capabilities and tend to be very expensive, without providing 24/7 full-service support.

Feedonomics on the other hand is one of the best FeedSpark alternatives, with a global 24/7 support team and marketplace and order management capabilities.

What FeedSpark is also missing is customizable alerting capabilities when things go wrong in Google Merchant Center or with custom attributes in your feed.

Average Lactation Consulting Costs

If you’re looking for lactation consulting services in any large city, you might be surprised at high costs of the first lactation consulting visit, which are around $274.

In ~2 hours the certified IBCLC lactation consultant basically makes on the order of $150/hour, but as Cost Examiner finds, there are hidden costs in the preparation work that the consultant has to do, including traveling to your house and writing up a nursing or feeding plan for you.

The right lactation consultant is definitely worth it, reducing the pain that new moms experience with breastfeeding. Simple adjustments in latching and cradling position can make huge improvements in comfort.

The best part is your insurance will often cover some or all of the lactation consulting fee making it a no brainer.