How to Cancel Anthem Blue Shield Insurance Policy

If you want to cancel your Anthem insurance policy, it’s good to know a solution that doesn’t involve pulling your hair out.

I didn’t want to call any numbers where you can be on hold for hours as you are transferred to different departments.

Anthem definitely intentionally makes it difficult to cancel your health plan.

The first thing I tried was sending a message through their clumsy interface after logging into

I didn’t get a response for 5 business days, so I had to try something else.

I noticed Anthem have a twitter and facebook page, so I messaged both, and was told to email

I sent the following message, and they were very quick to finally help.

Hi, I want to cancel my Anthem insurance plan.

I asked in the customer portal through a message over 72 hours ago and have still not received a response!
The Facebook AskAnthem page told me to email this address.
My policy ID is XXXXXXXXX and my phone number is XXXXXXXX