How to get a higher score on the SAT

So you just got your SAT score and you’re not happy with the results. You have many options on how you can increase your SAT score. You can try expensive tutoring (usually $100-$200/hour!), or you can study with a good SAT book for far less than even 1 hours cost.

Now the question is what book to use? You could use CollegeBoard’s big blue book, which has some great practice tests, and you can also use the GuideParadise SAT book to improve you SAT score.

Most products are not upload to Google Merchant Center from OpenCart

When only 50 out of 6,000 products make it to Google Merchant Center after exporting from OpenCart, you know you have a problem.

After reading a lot of forum threads about why this OpenCart problem was happening, and after considering hiring someone to manually copy and paste it because the OpenCart module wasn’t working, I finally found the solution.

It looks like I messed up the product descriptions while exporting to Google Shopping.

After fixing the product descriptions, everything exporting correctly to Google Merchant Center!