How to create a Wine Searcher Feed

WineSearcher is a price comparison channel for wine. Obviously while WineSearcher is not applicable to every merchant, it is a great channel to list your products if you sell alcohol including wine, beer, and spirits.

The WineSearcher Feed Specs don’t have too many field requirements, but you should definitely include the name of the wine, the bottle size, and price. Adding extra descriptive modifiers will of course help improve your relevancy and yield better results on WineSeacher.

How to Create a PriceSpy Feed

PriceSpy is a UK based price comparison channel for eCommerce.

Their feed isn’t the most complex with just a few required feed fields.

The PriceSpy feed specs require fields like title, id, brand, URL, category, price, and status. While many merchants don’t optimize their feeds that they send to PriceSpy, you can get a huge competitive advantage solely by optimizing the product titles and descriptions.

How to create a feed for NewEgg

NewEgg is one of the best channels if you sell electronics products.

The NewEgg feed specs aren’t the easiest to deal with because they require many attributes specific to electronics products.

That said, it’s a great marketplace for electronics sellers and may well be worth adding as a channel.

How to Create a Feed for Shopbot Canada

Shopbot canada is one of the largest price comparison services in Canada.

If you have less than 50k products, you will have an easy time, but you can always request help if you have over 50k on Shopbot.

The Shopbot feed specifications are pretty well layed out, and you’ll want to optimize the usual fields like title and description.

Lastly, you can send your feed to Shopbot via FTP or URL.

How to create a feed for

Getprice is a great price comparison channel to use in Austrailia. Creating a feed for it can be complicated becuase you have to host it at a publicly accessible URL.

The GetPrice feed specifications have several required fields that you want to make sure you adhere to for maximum exposure on their search engine.

For one, you should make sure the titles you send to GetPrice are fully optimized with brand, color, and size variations.