How to export Zen Cart feed with thousands of products to Google Shopping

Before I tried to build a plugin from scratch to export my Zen Cart product feed to Google Shopping, I decided to research the best available plugins out there. Unfortunately, the none could really handle large product feeds (mine had over 40k products!).

It seems like the options were very limited – either you could export to Google Shopping with Magentic one, Numinix, or DataFeedWatch. Magnetic one

Numinix has problems exporting as well. One of the largest problems  with Numinix is you can’t export to Google Shopping in a way that lets you add extra fields that are present in your product pages, which limits what you can put into the Google Shopping feed.

Datafeedwatch exporting to Google Shopping only lets you have 5k products for $30/month, and each additional 1k products is $5/month! Worse yet, their Magento plugin is ridiculously outdated and doesn’t work well with variations.

Gary Puterman – SEO and Internet Marketing Entrepreneur and Rugby Player

Today, I’d like to introduce my friend and partner Gary Puterman. you can read more about him on his website

In the short time that we’ve known each other, Gary and I have built several amazing  software that has changed the landscape of internet marketing. He is well known in both the SEO and InternetMarketing community, and Gary has a few insightful comments on Moz.

He has also been involved in reputation management, and Gary Puterman has a great slideslow where you can read more.

In addition to being a longtime entrepreneur, Gary Puterman is also a talented rugby player. If you want to see some amazing plays, check out videos of Gary Puterman on youtube.


You can read more about Gary Puterman at his about page.

You can also contact him using these social media accounts:
Gary Puterman Twitter

Gary Puterman Pinterest – has some great rugby and marketing pins

Gary Puterman Facebook

Gary Puterman Google+