See which websites are using the infolinks advertising platform

When I was considering rival advertising platforms, I checked out several different options including Google Adwords, InfoLinks, and BuySellAds.

I wanted to get rough numbers for how many websites actually use these advertising platforms, to figure out which had the largest chances of success. Turns out Adwords is the most popular, but I was most interested in choosing between Infolinks and BuySellAds. Here are the numbers:

Companies using InfoLinks: 12,605 total

Companies using BuySellAds: 2,382 total

Between the two, I feel far more comfortable using InfoLinks, because far more companies and websites are actually using it!

How to find a list of companies based on facebook likes

Building an extremely targeted social media lead list is something that many companies claim to offer, but few actually can perform. The new lead prospecting tool PerfectLeads lets you easily find companies based on social media parameters like number of Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, and even LinkedIn shares.

This is incredibly useful if you are a social media marketer, and you need to identify companies that are strong on one platform like Facebook, and weak in others like Twitter. For example, you can find companies that have between 100k and 1M facebook likes, but only between zero and 10,000 tweets.

How to find companies that advertise on Google Shopping

After an exhausting search, I couldn’t find any websites that have a nice list of companies that do business on Google Shopping. The new lead prospecting service that I built has exactly these kinds of company lists. For the first time in the world, check out this list of companies that do Google Shopping.

You can even combine this search criteria with how much companies are spending on Google Adwords. Suddenly you have incredibly powerful lead criteria that every internet marketing company wants.