Pricefalls Feed

If you want to expand to a great US marketplace that supports fixed price as well as dutch auctions (where the price keeps dropping), Pricefalls is a great one to try.

Pricefalls has a large category taxonomy that is very important to be mapped correctly for maximum exposure. Creating a proper Pricefalls feed can be done through using your Google Shopping feed, or their custom feed format based on a template.

Pricefalls feed optimization will play a huge part in title relevancy as it will dictate which products show up for user queries.


How to automate a PriceRunner Feed

PriceRunner is a great price comparison channel in Sweden.

Feedonomics lets you easily optimize and create a feed for PriceRunner among hundreds of others channels.

That includes the PriceRunner categorization for all products in your feed. If your products are categorized too generally, your relevance won’t be very high, so it’s important to ensure your PriceRunner product feed has categories that are as specific as possible.

How to create an Idealo Feed

Idealo is one of the largest European price comparison engines – especially in it’s native Germany.

Idealo has its own required feed format, with typical fields like title, description, category, link, price, and image link.

It is of critical importance to add all attributes to your Idealo feed for better performance on Idealo.


How to create a ShareASale Feed

If you want to expand your reach, ShareASale is one of the best affiliate channels (particularly in the fashion vertical).

ShareASale is unique amongst many affiliate providers because its feed format requires categorization among other things.

A typical feed will have the following header:
“SKU”,”Name”,”URL to product”,”Price”,”Retail Price”,”URL to image”,”URL to thumbnail image”,”Commission”,”Category”,”SubCategory”,”Description”,”SearchTerms”,”Status”,”Your MerchantID”,”Custom 1″,”Custom 2″,”Custom 3″,”Custom 4″,”Custom 5″,”Manufacturer”,”PartNumber”,”MerchantCategory”,”MerchantSubcategory”,”ShortDescription”,”ISBN”,”UPC”,”CrossSell”,”MerchantGroup”,”MerchantSubgroup”,”CompatibleWith”,”CompareTo”,”QuantityDiscount”,”Bestseller”,”AddToCartURL”,”ReviewsRSSURL”,”Option1″,”Option2″,”Option3″,”Option4″,”Option5″,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”,”ReservedForFutureUse”

which should give you an indication of the fields. If you want to create a ShareASale feed, make sure you only have one row per product.


How to create an Adroll Feed

Adroll is a great remarketing channel along with Criteo and working directly with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Adroll accepts many different feed formats, like Google Shopping, Amazon, and even Connexity, in CSV, TSV, or even XML format

Feedonomics can easily create an Adroll feed with best in-class optimization.

Especially when you need to do deduplication, to ensure you only have 1 product per per item_group_id.

How to create an AWIN feed

AWIN (formerly Affiliate Window or Zanox), is one of the largest worldwide affiliate networks.

Creating an AWIN feed is relatively simple, with a few differences from normal affiliate feeds.

You want to make sure your category taxonomy is as detailed as possible so they can advertise your products on the most accurate publishers.

If you sell clothing, you can also include more attributes for AWIN than in other verticals, like size, pattern, and material.

How to create a CJ Affiliate Feed

CJ Affiliate (now owned by Conversant) is one of the largest affiliate channels. It can be a great way to supplement sales on publisher websites like blogs relevant to your vertical.

Creating a feed for CJ Affiliate is no simple matter as it’s different than most other feed based channels out there, and their documention/feed specs is over 30 pages!

Feedonomics can easily optimize your feed and create a CJ Affiliate feed, so you don’t have to manually create one.


How to create a Houzz Feed

Houzz is one of the best marketplaces to sell home improvement, decor, and remodeling products.

You can either add your products one by one, which takes forever, or Feedonomics can automate creating a Houzz feed for you.

That means you don’t have to manually add hundreds or thousands of products one by one, you can automatically add new products to Houzz through an FTP after Feedonomics automates that manual task.