Best CommerceHub Alternatives and Competitors

CommerceHub is one of the oldest multi-channel platforms out there. Their feed capabilities come from an acquisition of Mercent.

Some of the disadvantages of CommerceHub are their long-term contracts and fees which tend to be a percentage of revenue/sales on different channels.

You can see a comparison of the best CommerceHub alternative and competitor Feedonomics, which shows some of the key differences, including how Feedonomics doesn’t have long term contracts with flat monthly pricing.

Best Zentail Alternatives and Competitors

Zentail is a self-service marketplace focused (think Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others) platform for handling product listing and order fulfillment.

Zentail’s pricing model has long-term contracts with percent of revenue fees.

One of the best Zentail Alternatives and competitors is Feedonomics, a full-service platform that focuses on marketplaces as well as other channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, and Pinterest with 24/7 service. Another big difference is the long-term contract and flat-monthly pricing (without percent of revenue) model.

How Aldi Knocks Off Major Brands

Aldi is the sister supermarket to Trader Joes and has begun invading the US from Germany.

The prices for Aldi off-brand knockoff products tends to be significantly cheaper than name brands.

Aldi has all the most popular branded products covered including cereal, condiments, and even pop tarts, with their funny knockoffs, which mimic even the fonts and characters from name brands.

Google Shopping Feeds

Google Shopping is one of the best places to list your products. Although it’s a very popular platform for shoppers, it can still be very difficult to get on Google Shopping as a merchant. There can be many hurdles and challenges ahead of establishing yourself in Google Shopping and the help you need may not always be available.

Fortunately, there are companies, like Feedonomics, who are experts in all online shopping channels, including Google Shopping.

Feedonomics has built powerful tools that make getting your products onto Google  Shopping a breeze! With a dedicated workforce and 24/7 support by your side, you can get your products listed with confidence.

See how Feedonomics can make getting your products listed on Google Shopping as easy as possible.

Generating a Product Feed by Crawling

Some shopping backends have no built-in capabilities for exporting products in a nice CSV or XML file.

Your search for plugins or APIs turns up empty, because they simply don’t exist.

Luckily, Feedonomics can crawl a website to generate a product feed that includes all publicly available attributes, like the title, description, sku, price, sale price, availability, variants, categories, and features.

Some examples of websites they can crawl:

  • eCommerce websites
  • Automotive websites
  • Job websites
  • Real estate websites
  • Hotel listing websites

See how Feedonomics can generate a product feed file by crawling your website!

Exporting Yahoo Stores Feed to Google Shopping

Yahoo Stores are an easy way to get your eCommerce store up and running, but unfortunately there is no easy way to export your Yahoo Stores products to Google Shopping.

Trying to get a Yahoo Stores feed to Google Shopping can be very frustrating. There are a few plugins that haven’t been updated in years and don’t work with the newest version of Yahoo Stores.

Feedonomics has built a powerful way to push your Yahoo products to Google Shopping. See what they can do for you!

Exporting WooCommerce Products to Google Shopping

WooCommerce lets you manually export your products, but unfortunately, this does not pull any variant products at the child level, and instead only gives you product attributes for the parent products.

Well optimized WooCommerce feeds are essential for performing well on Google Shopping. Feedonomics has a WooCommerce Product Export plugin allows you to easily get up and running on Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and hundreds of other channels.

See how Feedonomics can take your WooCommerce products and get them on Google shopping as easily as possible.

Exporting Your OpenCart Products to Google Shopping

Trying to get an OpenCart feed to Google Shopping can be very difficult. Many users complain that OpenCart lacks clear step-by-step instructions for OpenCart’s functions, including ones for eCommerce marketing like generating feeds for Google Shopping.

Feedonomics allows you to simply create a Google Shopping feed based on your most up to date OpenCart feed data, and of course easily optimize that data before sending it out to Google Shopping.

See how Feedonomics makes exporting your OpenCart products to Google Shopping as easy as possible.

Exporting Salesforce Commerce Cloud Feed to Google Shopping

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Formerly Demandware) is one of the most capable eCommerce platforms, but there’s no native way to export your Salesforce Commerce Cloud products to Google Shopping. Fortunately, Feedonomics has built a powerful way to get Salesforce Commerce Cloud products exported to Google Shopping! 

See how they can help you easily push your Salesforce Commerce cloud products to Google Shopping.